Cursor Issue When Exiting Unordered List in Drafts 44.2

In Drafts 44.2’s markdown mode, when I press Enter to exit an unordered list, the cursor does not appear on a new line but instead moves to the next existing line.

Expected behavior: Create a new line.


Maybe I don’t understand what you are trying to explain, but what I see in the capture is expected behavior. If you hit return on a line recognized a list line (has a list prefix, and some other text), it continues the list by starting you on a new line with the same line prefix. If you hit enter again on that line without entering any new text, it is treated as you wanting to end the list, and removes the prefix for that line - leaving you on a blank line.

This is the behavior as designed.

I apologize for not expressing myself clearly. English is not my first language. I have attached a GIF demonstrating the behavior I am expecting.

When I start a new line in a list, there is a new line with a list symbol at the cursor position, and the next line is empty.

In other software, if I press Enter again, the list symbol on the current cursor line disappears, leaving an empty line at the cursor position and another empty line below it.

However, in Drafts, only the current cursor line remains empty (instead of having two empty lines).


Maybe it’s designed?

This matches what Greg described, so you can take it as behaving as per the developer’s intended design.

I am quite confused, as the following gif in drafts.

First I have an empty line between - abc and some text.
Then when I try to add a new list and want to undo this by pressing enter. The empty line disappeared, leaving me - abc and some text without an empty line between them.

As agiletortoise described in above post:

removes the prefix for that line - leaving you on a blank line.

Where is my blank line now?


I see what you are saying now, agreed that does not seem right. Will take a look.