Curser Moves as soon as I start typing new draft

I have used drafts for many years now, and this did not happen before drafts 5, but happens every time now. Workflow as follows:

  1. Open Drafts, cursor is at beginning of line
  2. As soon as I start typing, once I have typed two letters (any two) the curser then jumps back to the beginning of the line. You can see video at:

Any thoughts ? As it defeats the purpose of the app if I cannot quickly add items without having to stop to fix this over and over. I was hoping it was a bug that would be fixed in update, but we’ve now have a number of updates and it remains

I’m not seeing this behavior. Does this happen just the first time after you reboot? What happens if you have focus mode enabled and then go back into the app? I’ve been trying a different combinations, but nothing.

I haven’t seen any other reports like this…did this just start happening? Seems very odd. Do you use TextExpander? Possible conflict with a snippet?

It’s happened since I upgraded to Drafts 5 (on day one). While I do use Textexpander, it is not in conflict. It doesn’t matter what letters I type, as soon as I start typing the third letter, the curser moves back to the beginning of the line. It only happens the first time I open the app. If I type multiple new drafts without closing the app, it does not happen on the subsequent drafts. However, if I close the app, the first draft I type upon reopening it does this.

When it first happened, I wondered if it was a memory issue or a lag, but I can open the app, count to 10 and then start typing and it still does it

Here’s another view where I only type the first two letters and do not type the third

what keyboard is that?

Just the default Apple iOS keyboard