Ctrl+down arrow on external keyboard Iphone moves to Next Draft with Voiceover

Hi, I don’t know what I did but I use an external keyboard to navigate my iphone with Voiceover. Somehow, when I have quick nav off, which means I can use the arrows and modifier keys to navigate around a Draft. However, as my long subject line says, it seems to be moving me to the next draft when I press ctrl+down arrow. It is supposed to just move me to the bottom of the draft itself. I’ve checked actions, settings, anything I can think of … but I have no idea what I did or how I did it. So, maybe this isn’t a bug but I wasn’t sure where to put it, sorry if it’s in the wrong spot. I didn’t want to reinstall the app and try to figure out if my data would come back … yes it’s in Icloud but I have it all set up aside from this weird keyboard shortcut issue. Is there some way I can see what keystrokes Drafts is using? I have removed recent action groups that I thought maybe would have started this behavior, but it’s still moving down one draft. It puts me at the top of the next draft, it seems. But I can’t go up a draft using something like ctrl+up arrow. … even if I could I need it to just go to the bottom of the draft edit field.

Sorry I write a lot, but any thoughts/help are/is appreciated.
Thanks, Dave

Drafts has built-in commands to move to the next/previous draft, which are bound to the keyboard shortcuts shift-command-down arrow and shift-command-up arrow

That should not conflict with the default cursor movement shortcuts, which do not include the shift modifier - sure you are not also using shift?

It is also possible you have installed actions that are bound to just command-up/down. This is a bit harder to troubleshoot on the iPhone. On the iPad you can hold down the command key and get a menu of all available commands to review, but that it not available on iPhone. Are you aware of having installed any action for moving to next/previous drafts?

Did some more digging on this…and this is a bug. Not sure why it hasn’t been noticed before, but that next is assigned the wrong keyboard shortcut on the iOS version. Will fix in an update.

Awesome! Thank you so much for looking into that. Out of curiosity, is there some way that I can see the command shortcuts that are installed natively? I did download the Thought Asylum action which lists the keyboard commands for actions that have been installed and have key bindings, but couldn’t figure out where I would find that Ctrl+down arrow hotkey. I had read on a blog that you could do Cmd+T for inserting a tag, I didn’t know that until yesterday. Is there documentation and I just don’t know where it is? I am not a developer, so if it’s in the documentation there, I wouldn’t know where to look. But I can learn. The fact that Drafts is so accessible with voiceover is fantastic. I do have some ideas regarding how to make it more accessible, if you would like me to share them perhaps in an email or some sort of other communication? Just let me know, I do accessibility consulting and testing for a living and use Drafts for much of my notetaking. For example, trying to scroll through separators on action groups using the rotor with headings doesn’t seem to work even though voiceover recognizes that there is a heading, but there is also a button on top of the heading or at least that’s what it’s reporting. They’re pretty minor things.
But yeah, some sort of way to see and perhaps modify keyboard shortcuts so they don’t conflict with voiceover would definitely be useful. Forgive my coding/development ignorance once again, I don’t know how difficult something like that would be.

Thanks as always for your fantastic work and prompt response

As a fellow Voiceover user, One thing I’d like to say is, arrows and control arrows and such aren’t voiceover commands, they’re built in iOS keyboard commands. the only actual Voiceover commands are the ones you use the VO prefix keys with, which is either capslock or control option, I think, depending what you’ve set it to. It’s possible to end up with actions bound to at least the control option version of that I think, although I don’t know whether VO would override those or not. Pretty sure there aren’t any built in Drafts commands that use them, though.

As for why I never ran into the next Draft thing, I’ve always used command up/command down to get to the top or bottom of a document, not control, and I guess I never actually investigated what the prev/next Draft Shortcut was meant to be, :smiling_face:.

As for a list of the built in hotkeys, I’m not sure there is one. There’s probably so few people who use Drafts on an iPhone with a keyboard that the command menu would be considered to be good enough.

thank you for the info. the bug seems to have been fixed. I suppose most people use dictation with drafts and the iphone. I just happen to like the keyboard better.
Where do you find the commands menu?
Also, technically, if you turn on voiceover help and have quick nav on, and do a control, VO says, move to last item. Doing command down arrow doesn’t seem to do anything. However, the problem I was having was when quick nav was turned off. seems to be working fine now.

Ok, yes, I completely forgot about quicknav in that post, :smiling_face:. Assume any keyboard command I’m talking about is with that turned off. I’m a kind of weird Voiceover user - my primary machine is an iPad that I use mostly by touch - my keyboard is for typing and editing and not much else so my memory for actual Voiceover keyboard commands isn’t that great.

Anyway, the commands menu. On an iPad, holding the command key for a while, or the globe key, will bring up a menu of all keyboard shortcuts in a given app. Unfortunately, for pretty much all of iPadOS 16 this menu hasn’t worked with Voiceover, which is a pain. As far as I know, this doesn’t work on an iPhone.

Anyway, at least on my iPad with quicknav turned off, both command up/down and control up/down will go to the beginning and end of a Draft. As for other built in Drafts keyboard commands, I’m trying to think of them. command 1 toggles the Drafts list, command 0 toggles the action list, command 2 brings up the workspaces list. Command n for new draft, command comma for settings, command f for find, command shift f for quicksearch and command t for tags, as you discovered, :smiling_face:. Drafts is hard though. Remembering what’s a built in command and what’s an action, remembering what you’ve installed vs what’s installed by default, not to mention the fact that you can change or remove any keyboard shortcut tied to an action makes life interesting.

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Hmmm, does anyone know if it’s possible to get a list of all keyboard shortcuts both native and action-based? Thanks for the list you put up there. Yeah that holding down the cmd key doesn’t work on Iphone sadly. I’m an odd duck, I suppose, since I use the keyboard or braille display pretty much all the time, typing by touch is a very slow process usually so I dictate when absolutely necessary. It would be helpful somehow to maybe have a ctrl plus slash command to bring up keyboard shortcuts like Google has? Just a thought, no idea how that would work as I don’t write code at all. I suppose another way to do it would be get a list of keyboard shortcuts that work on mac and just see if they work on iphone using external keyboard?

Just my thoughts for now.

Ok so I realized I asked that question about keyboard shortcuts in a previous post, sorry about that. Should have looked back at what I asked earlier.