Creating templates on the Mac

Hi there- I’m relatively new to Drafts, so this is probably a n00b question - apologies!

I want to have a template for meeting notes. So I created a note that has a “template” tag. However, when I run the action “New Draft From Template” I get the following script error:
Script Error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘workspace.tagFilter = “template”’)
Line number: 6, Column 11

Any advice?


Although inelegant, I believe you getting this error because that example action utilizes Workspaces to find your available templates - and Workspaces are a Drafts Pro feature.

Ohh… tricksy way to finally push me over into the pro camp! :wink:

Thanks. Hopefully you can find a way to update that error message because I thought I was doing something wrong. Maybe make “New Draft from Template” disabled as an action until you upgrade to pro. Or before executing the action check to see if the person has pro, and if not throw up a prompt to get them to upgrade.

Agreed. That is a bad experience as-is.

Bad experience aside, I just bought the subscription.