Creating PDF from markdown using preview sharesheet

Hi all - would be grateful if somebody points me in the right direction for creating PDF from markdown using preview sharesheet.

Thanks in advance.

Takes look at this action in the action directory.

I have already seen and tried this action and it has its limitations. It does not render tables properly. I also wish to use Swiss Preview style specifically. I am wondering if I can continue to produce identical PDF - perhaps by using the now available sharesheet in the preview window.


I’m guessing the perceived limitations may be based on your expectations

The action is using the MultiMarkdown processor and MultiMarkdown supports table specification syntax. It worked fine for me.


You would just need to change the value of the template variable with the CSS and HTML of the Swiss Preview. It should be a copy and paste activity, but it may be useful to know that you can use back ticks (" ` ") instead of quotes and have the variable content split across multiple lines.

I still believe the PDF action given can form the basis for your own action with only minor modification and would give you a one tap solution.

However the same Shortcuts shortcut referenced in the action should still convert the HTML shared from the preview share sheet to a PDF. It is just a more manual set of selections than pdaing the action once with the Swiss style template.

You can use the print option in the HTML Preview share to generate a PDF. Use this tip to view the preview and save it as a file.