Creating nested tags on iOS vs OS X

A request: When I create a new nested tag on the Mac, Drafts doesn’t complete the tag until I hit enter. That is: I can type something like tag/subtag1 and I can easily start adding a nested tag from subtag1. However, on iOS devices, if I type in a tag and then want to add an additional nested tag, I can’t do it this way—the tag is ‘complete’ in the tag bar if the tag already exists to some extent. The only way I can do it as far as I can tell is to type the whole thing out.

Maybe this is simply an iOS/OSX system issue, but it would be great if it were possible to add tags in the same way in iOS as on a Mac. Or, conversely, something like holding down an existing tag and getting an option to edit it. Nested tags are really useful, so I’ve been working with a fair bit, but I find creating new ones to have a bit of friction on iOS. Thanks.

I’m not sure I follow what you are describing. Tag entry is slightly different on both platforms, which is something that should likely be a little better aligned, but is due to the differences in the way suggestions work in native controls on the Mac.

In both cases, nested tags work the same, however. Could you clarify with a more concrete example or a screen capture?

Sure, hopefully a screenshot will make it a little clearer. Basically: when tagging on the Mac, I can add a nested tag and start typing from the end of the tag to add another level of hierarchy as the cursor is right there. However, on the iPad (and iPhone), when I insert a tag, the tag is inserted complete without any way of modifying it or adding another level of hierachy unless I type the entire tag hierarchy out.

Say I have the tag tech/apps with additional nested tags for specific apps like tech/apps/drafts. Then I want to add another tag for tech/apps/tally: On the mac, I just add tech/apps to the draft and start typing immediately after apps, whereas on the iOS device, I would need to type the entire tag hierarchy out.

Anyways, hopefully you can see what I mean here: