Creating an action that chooses three items randomly from a list of ten

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a Daily Journal action, in which I have a recurring daily block of text, followed by three questions randomly chosen from a list of ten. I am able to create a template and embed it within the “Create Draft” action to represent the recurring daily block of text; what I am struggling with is how to add the “three questions randomly chosen from a list of ten” element. I have no experience coding or scripting, so this task is a bit daunting!

Thank you for any and all help!

Here’s one way to do it that let’s you edit all your content in template tags, the layout of the note as the text insertion, and does everything else in a script step. So you can configure and modify it without touching the code … unless you want to change the number of questions chosen from or used; in which case you can probably see in the code how to change it even if you know nothing about coding :wink:

Hope that helps.

Thank you for your help! Much appreciated.