Creating a New Note in iOS with hold on icon gone?

So I used to Tap the Drafts icon to paste my clipboard with Wordle results everyday, but as of a week or so ago, when I press on the icon, it shows me a list of previous notes, but no Paste from Clipboard. Did something change or can I get the old action back again. Now I have to open it, create a note, and then paste, when it was effortless a few weeks ago.

I believe you are talking about the menu of quick actions that appears if you tap an hold the app icon on the home screen.

Nothing has changed about this feature, but there are options for what is display in the app’s settings. Likely you unintentionally changed this option to “Recent Drafts”, when what you want is “Commands”.

That is indeed the problem, though I do not remember ever changing it. A lot of power under this simple looking program. Thanks

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