Creating a draft in iOS w/ Siri doesn't save location info

I just tested creating a note w/ siri, so I don’t have to log in when I need to write somthing down quickly. but I do need the location which doesn’t seem to be recorded when doing it this way. Is this possible to do? If not, what might be a workaround… How would I make a siri short cut to open drafts and immediately start dictating, so at least all I have to do is log in to the phone?

Drafts provides a Shortcuts action named “Create Draft with Dictation”. All you would need to to put that in a Shortcut.

Or you can edit the “Dictate new draft” action (ships in Editing action group by default), and use the “Add to Siri” button at the bottom to create a voice shortcut. I have mine set to “Dictate”, so I can just say “Hey Siri, Dictate”.

Just using “Hey Siri, create a note using Drafts…” does not record location. It did when that feature first launched, but waking up location services and getting back a location often takes too long and the Siri extension was timing out and crashing, because it runs with very limited resources, so I had to disable it.

If you are using the dictation interface for this, you might want to set the silence timeout so the dictation will stop automatically after you stop talking, and you don’t need to complete it manually.

thanks. this is great. it works, but a shame that the location doesn’t work as that’s totally hands free… maybe in the future… best,


I have another app SnipNotes that has a feature that you can save a location as a note in the widget. but you still have to log in. Would be a great feature though to be able to do this w/o entering password.

I have a dictate action which has a Siri Shortcut phrase (Dictate) linked to it. However, if I say “Hey Siri, Dictate,” when the phone is locked, it tells me I need to unlock my iphone first. I’m almost sure this used to work a couple of OSes back, but I can’t get it to work any longer. Is this expected behaviour?


I should add I’ve gone through a shed load of settings to see if anything makes a material change but nothing has.