Creates list of actions in a group and copy to a draft

Thanks to the brilliant @sylumer I am now able to create sub menus of actions within groups

Would there be a way to create list of actions in a specific group and copy the list to a draft ?.

This would allow to me to print out the list of actions in each group, sit down and figure out which action sub groups I should create.

Thank you

Thank you for the compliment, but my day job is IT based and more than brilliance, I think that for me it is just a bit of experience, a bit of aptitude, and a willingness to pitch in and try and help people out.

On to the question at hand. Below is one way to get a listing on a per group basis. Please note that it is going to involve working with Apple’s Shortcuts app (install and subsequently run a shortcut), and it isn’t triggered from an action, but via the share sheet.

  1. Install this Shortcuts shortcut that I just created - Drafts - Actions in Group.
  2. In Drafts open the right hand draw to list the actions in your currently loaded Action Group.
  3. Tap on the title of your Action Group to reveal the Groups selection list.
  4. Tap on Manage at the bottom of that slide over to show the Manage Action Groups pop-up.
  5. Tap on the Action Group you want the actions for. It does not have to be the currently loaded action group. It can be any group you have.
  6. With the Action Group settings displayed in the bar at the bottom is a share icon. Tap it.
  7. Select to share as URL.
  8. Select Shortcuts as the destination on the share sheet.
  9. Select the Drafts - Actions in Group as the shortcut to run.
  10. After Shortcuts has done its thing, tap out of all the slide overs and the new draft containing the list of actions should be loaded.

For info, the shortcut…

  1. Takes the URL and strips out the Drafts “stuff” before the data.
  2. It URL decodes the data and the resulting JSON can be used for dictionary access.
  3. It grabs the name of the group and the name of each action in the dictionary and puts it into a list with the group name as a title prefixed by a hash. It also identifies any separator entries and prefixes them with two hashes. While it is not true Markdown as there’s (purposefully) no bullets or doube spaces at the end of the action names, the intention is that there is enough syntax in place to display the data a little more nicely than as just indistiguishable lines of text in Drafts for Action Goup name, separators and Actions.
  4. The resulting text is pushed into Drafts as a new draft.

Hopefully that gets you what you need.

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Thanks very much
Please give me a bit of time to highest your detailed reply
Thanks again very much

Works perfectly as described
I thank you for being so generous with your time
I also greatly appreciate the way you structure your replies