Create Trello Card

I downloaded an action to create a Trello card, but it doesn’t seem to work. I searched this forum for information and I found something about finding the shortlink for the board. I followed that and it still doesn’t work. Has anyone had any luck using Trello from Drafts?

Show us the action, please…

  • If it’s a single javascript step include it here.
  • If it’s more complex provide a link to it.

Hard to debug otherwise.

(Yes, I’d like to create a Trello card from Drafts. I already know I can do it from Shortcuts.)

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if you can use shortcuts to create a card maybe you can just use the shortcuts action step in Drafts to forward the content to shortcuts?
This of course depends if you also want to use the action on the mac.

It’s just a callback URL:


Not tested, but at a glance that would not generate a valid URL, because the embedded shortlink URL is not encoded properly. Try:


(add the {{ }} tells Drafts to URL encode the value between the braces)

That doesn’t work either. But FlohGroh’s idea of using Shortcuts does work! Unfortunately that won’t work on the Mac, right?

The URL wouldn’t work on the Mac either, I don’t think. It relies on the Trello iOS app.