Create Shortcut to search for Drafts without tag and automatically assign a tag to them?

Hi there,

Am so happy to have discovered this amazing app and am currently having fun experimenting with integrating it with Siri Shortcuts.

I would like to be able to use Drafts to write down random ideas during the night and then set up a Shortcut to run in the morning which will automatically assign these notes with the tag ‘insights’ to be archived to an Insights workspace that I can then review at my leisure.

I am guessing that the starting point would be the Search Drafts action in Shortcuts.

Can I filter this to search for Drafts without a tag?

And if so, which action(s) would I need to call next to assign a specific tag and move them to archive?

You can retrieve a set of drafts that are not tagged by using a tag filter of “untagged”, but if you have a workspace in Drafts set up for this, you could retrieve drafts from the at workspace instead.

When you have retrieved the Drafts, use a repeat loop and for each draft the loop presents, update the draft using the Update Draft action to set the tag and maybe the archive status.

Note that archive is usually something you would utilise after you have used a draft rather than before. Maybe you just want to use workspaces/tags initially?

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Minor tweak to @sylumer’s excellent direction, the “File Draft” shortcut action lets you set tags, folder without modifying content.


Wow, that worked first time - thanks both so much! Hopefully this will let my over-active brain get a bit more rest at nights now :grin:

Quick follow-up question has just occurred to me - is it possible when running the Get Drafts from Workspace action, to filter results by creation date/date modified within a specified range?

(I want to get Siri to speak the results of the first shortcut so that I can automate a weekly audio review of Drafts in this workspace at a set time each week - I have figured out how to configure the speak text part, just not the filtering by date aspect).

Workspaces have date filters. So you could configure a workspace with the filters you need and it would just provide the matching drafts in Shortcuts.

You could, also, filter them in Shortcuts, but that would be less efficient.

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Thanks that’s useful to know about the ability to set the date filters within the workspaces themselves.

Out of interest, please would you mind letting me know how to set the date filter parameters within Shortcuts too? I am sure this knowledge will be something I’ll be able to make good use of the more I explore the endless available possibilities.

You would have to do it with comparison logic (if) when looping over drafts in Shortcuts. No way to build that in a query.

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do you mean something like this?

You probably want your speak inside the if rather then after it.