Create new Logseq block from Draft

I intend to use Draft for quick capture of anything that comes to mind. I think I mainly use this from the iphone as it is with me almost all the time (except in a shower, LOL). Just wondering has anyone tried to use Draft to create a new block (if not , a new page) in Logseq?

Appreciate if anyone can share the experience and script, etc

Logseq works on Markdown and Org-Mode files, so it should make no difference the fact you are using Logseq. Just create or append to a (plain text format) file as usual. The standard saving actions using Bookmarks and the File action I think should suffice.

You might look at the Obsidian integration guide for setup and examples. Same basic setup (not the URLs, but for files) works for logseq, as they are just files on disk you are targeting.

thanks both @sylumer and @agiletortoise , will take a look at the reference in details. May come back if I am stuck. (sorry I only have very basic experience on using Drafts)