Create Meeting Notes from Event Details

I blogged about it here, but if you just want the js action you can find it here:


@evantravers - This is awesome. Is there a way I can figure out the data elements of the ‘event’? For example in addition to the ‘startDate’, ‘notes’ etc, it would be really useful to pull the attendee’s or those invited to the meeting.


Hi there @dmormerod!

So I’m pulling the Event Object from the standard scripting library. Any property listed on the docs page is available to you.

Attendees currently isn’t an option, although maybe we can ask @greg-pierce if that’s possible. Previously I had this as an iOS Shortcut, and the Shortcuts app has access to the invitees and attendees.

Ah, ok, Thanks. In the case yes, @greg-pierce is it possible to get at the invitee’s of a meeting?

It may be possible… I see that Scriptable has this ability in the CalendarEvent object… you could also just write it over there in Scriptable and run it there I suppose… but I like keeping everything in Drafts.

Attendees/invitees are not accessible in Drafts scripting interfaces at this time. Extending those capabilities is definitely “on-the-list”. Not something that has gotten prioritized because there has not been any requests coming in, but will add your +1s to the request.


I am using a Shortcut for this.

The following steps:

  • get 15 events from all calendars (# of events is adjustable and which calendars also)
  • get start date, title, attendees, status Accepted/ Declined, notes of the calendar event (in my use case I put in the meeting subjects)
  • create a text template, the meeting template, to clipboard
  • create draft and past clipboard in draft note

My fully functional meeting workflow you can find here:

Section meeting


Hi @greg-pierce! Is attendee list for the Event object still on the todo list? If so, please add my vote. Thanks!

What’s your use-case? I haven’t really looked much at adding because attendees are a read-only property, it’s not possible to set those value via Apple event APIs. Are you just interested in being able to read them?

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Yes, just need to read them please. I am generating meeting minutes from a template, using the script from @evantravers linked above:

Being able to have the meeting title, notes, start and end date, attendees, etc pre-populated from the calendar event is a hugh time-saver, especially for meetings with larger number of attendees.

Thanks for the quick reply!