Create a Sticky Note in Mac Stickies App?

Kinda surprised not to see it even mentioned here, but does anyone know if you can create a new Mac Stickies note using a Drafts action?

Two things about Stickies:

  1. It doesn’t have an AppleScript dictionary, so you have to use GUI Scripting to do any automation in it. GUI Scripting is generally considered the worst part of AppleScript. Simply copying a draft and pasting it into a new stickie may be relatively easy, but if you want something more complicated, it’s likely to be difficult.
  2. Stickies might not be long for this world. I opened it yesterday for the first time in years (I was surprised to find that it was still in Big Sur) and saw that one of its most prominent commands is there to export all your stickies to the Notes app.