Create a speech to text note from Apple Shortcut

I am dreaming about being able to create a shortcut which with one button would allow me to dictate a new note to my phone. Of course i’d like to have it written in a text format.

I tried with apple shortcuts but the “create draft with dictation” action is apparently not sufficient (does not work).

Any help ?

Should be possible with Shortcuts and also with a direct URL call.


What’s the issue you are having exactly?

There are not any known issues with the “Create Draft with Dictation” shortcut action, what problem are you running into?

Does this example shortcut work for you?

That said, there are a number of ways to get directly to dictation in Drafts:

  • Long press on the Drafts icon, and there is a “Dictate” option in the menu that appears
  • Add a Drafts grid Home Screen widget to your Home Screen. It has a “Dictate” commond option.
  • You can use “Hey Siri, create a note using Drafts…” (a bit flaky and best for short notes, but hands-free).