Create a prompt to fulfil some information before pass a Draft to Things 3

Hi there!!
First of all, I want to say Hi! to the community as this is my first post.

Second I am starting to play with Draft 5 and I am in love with this piece of art but I need to learn a lot of before taking all good things this app can offer to me.

I have a question. I don’t know if is stupid, difficult or not appropriate here, but any advice will be very welcome.
I read the great review about Drafts 5 in MacStories and I got the Action to create a full project to send to Things 3. Works really good but I am wondering if I can use as a template. I want to create a prompt where I can include a name and a kind of service. (If a project for my customers in my photography business)

Is this possible? Is easy to accomplish? Maybe something has done similar out there?
Thanks in advance to all for your answers!


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Welcome! So glad you found Drafts. In my opinion, it’s one of the best and most versatile tools on iOS.

In terms of your query: Often, a quick way to approach creating a customized action in Drafts (especially if you are new to Drafts) is to try (test) similar actions already posted to the Action Directory.

If you find an action close to what you are looking for, it can often be repurposed for your own needs.

Drafts Things App Actions

Give it a try! If you find you are unsuccessful and need some help, you can post an example of what you tried and the forum will often take a shot at helping sort it out.




Thanks, @Tethys!!
I will take a look! Very excited about all the possibilities that I have with Drafts! Now I will need to have patience learning step by step. I am sure I can accomplish all, just need to learn how. :wink: