Crash when selecting draft from left sidebar [Fixed in v33.0.1]

Hello! Drafts is crashing every time I select a draft from the left sidebar. Seems to happen for every document. I can access specific drafts through search, or through links, but clicking in the sidebar–>crash. Yikes!

Just updated to Version 33; Mac OS 12.6 (21G115) on an M1 powerbook.

Do you have the “Show Tags” option turned off in your draft list? Turn it on if so, should avoid the crash.

Just discovered this from a report this morning. Will get a permanent fix out ASAP. Appears no one on the beta turns off “Show Tags”.

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I just sent in a similar issue to support. I can’t even launch Drafts without it immediately crashing.

Do you have the “Show Tags” setting off as mentioned above?

I also had this issue. I had “Show Tags” setting as off for my default workspace and the app kept quitting. I just changed the setting for “Show Tags” to on and the app is now not crashing.

v33.0.1 is out in the App Store now and should resolve this issue.


Thanks for the quick fix - I was having the same issue and all good after the latest update.

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s, that was fast! I’m always afraid that a bug report will be just my incompetence…