Copy to new draft and replace placeholders?

I’m sure this is possible (e.g. the placeholder part of @RosemaryOrchard’s OF Taskpaper actions), but I’m not clever enough to create it.

I’d like an action that I could run to create a new draft with the content of a template draft that contains placeholders, with prompts to fill in the placeholders.

I could then action that new draft (without losing the original template); i.e., it’s action-agnostic, i.e. I don’t have to write placeholder scripting into separate actions for creating emails, messages, notes, etc. etc. Was hoping to find some magic like this in @sylumer’s TAD groups but couldn’t.

Can anyone help me? I’m sure it’s not hard but I suspect requires a bit of scripting and my knowledge of that sums to zero.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sounds like this (GitHub - dansays/drafts-template-parser: A Drafts 5 template tag parser) might be a useful starting point for you?

Maybe this post Simple shortcut replacement - #33 by FlohGro or Thread will help you, too :slight_smile: