Copy/paste does not preserve links

I copy-paste some text with links into Drafts 21.2, and the links are not perserved. However, if I do the same into Bear, the links are preserved. On the other hand, if I copy-paste from Bear into Drafts, the links are preserved. This is very odd behavior. Can this be explained? I would like my links to be preserved when I import (via copy-paste or direct share) text into Drafts and I do not wish to go through Bear. Thanks.

Different apps share content differently, as different types of content.

When the links are preserved in Bear, but not in Drafts, I would expect that you are pasting in rich text links. Drafts only deals in plain text, and so would not preserve the links.

When equivalent (but not truly identical) links are being shared from Bear, I suspect that they are being shared as plain text Markdown content (not rich text). Then Drafts would het the link text and URL in Markdown link format.

To get a Markdown format link in Drafts, the sending app needs to share the link in that format to Drafts. While there are potentially alternatives around using Shortcuts or another app as a translator (like Bear manually), or sharing from Safari, there’s generally mot much option with a direct copy & paste or share.

What are you sharing from originally?

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Thanks for the reply. I am copy/pasting from web articles I find online.

I recommend using the Roam Highlighter Chrome extension for this.

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Just keep in mind Chrome browser extensions are currently desktop only.