Copy Each Draft to, with Single Action; Automatically?

My current workflow sets at the center of my Inbox universe. Capture (and some writing organization) in isn’t all that great, so I use (as a subscriber) to fill the gaps; the Apple Watch capture, especially.

With the fewest manual steps possible, how can I transfer each entry to its own entry?

So far, I’ve only seen an action to copy the current entry and then open That’s better than manual, but not as easy as I hoped.

Is there something better available? And, if not, is this something that can be made/built (maybe with Scriptable or Shortcuts)?

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You have to get Shortcuts involved to do this with Notes. Notes does not provide direct integration with third party apps which allow easy, interaction-less creation of notes.

It is easy to call Shortcuts from Drafts, however. If you configure a Shortcut to create a note in Notes for the text input to the shortcut, disabling the “Show Compose Sheet” option, so it does not prompt you - then configure a Drafts action to run that shortcut - you can use it with Select > Operations > Run Action to bulk create notes.

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Wow. This is really cool, and it works. Thank you!

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