Copy as rich text action/make rich text from markdown in shortcuts not working

Hello, I’m trying to turn a drafts doc into an email and running into problems converting from markdown into rich text. I’ve got it set up as a shortcut (Email), but the ‘make rich text from markdown’ action isn’t working. Does anyone know if this is a bug with drafts of shortcuts?

I’ve also tried @agiletortoise’s and @sylumer’s drafts actions, but they aren’t converting into RT either (I’m running the action and then trying to paste it into Word to check).

Have you see the email integration guide? If not, read the “Markdown Mail” section of that article. If has example actions and details on sending mail from Markdown.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve seen the guide and gone through it previously. It covers one of the options in my shortcut (sending a joining email to a group with all recipients in the to field) but I don’t think it would let me send the ‘personal’ one with each person getting an email with their name after ‘hi…’.

Your shortcut contains an unknown action for me (3rd action), so I can’t follow all of the logic I’m afraid. I can’t determine what app it is from my phone - can you specify it?

The Shortcut does suggest you’re the other side of Leeds to me though :wink:

You are running Drafts actions and saying they are not working, but we don’t know in what way, or exactly which actions. There are more unknowns on the action side.

Can you provide links to exactly which ones you are trying, example input and output(including any errors in the log if there are any), and what platform you are trying this on - I can then try and reproduce the issue and investigate.

It’s Keyboard Maestro. It’s running a regex search and replacing blank lines at the end of each paragraph.

I’m using this action: ThoughtAsylum Action Group (Drafts) | ThoughtAsylum

And this one: Copy as Rich Text (adjustable font size) | Drafts Directory

I’ve restarted my computer though, and the draft actions are now working. I think it must be a problem with the ‘make rich text from markdown’ action inside the shortcut?

p.s. how do shortcuts give away locations :exploding_head:

Could you get away with the standard Replace support of regular expressions for this? Keyboard Maestro is wonderful (I use it a lot myself), and if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it, but it is perhaps worth considering if it necessary to call our to another app in this instance.

I took a look at it on my Mac and could then see the details. Would this do the same thing - replacing every newline character with two newline characters?

Okay - that’s good to know!!

Try specifying the draft content rather than the draft.

You could use a quick look action temporarily in order to validate the Markdown generation.

A little off-topic digression on the location and Shortcuts …

Normally they don’t, but I deduced it from the e-mail address it included because I happened to spot it and it has a regional inference.

Going further I might suggest you spent some time in the southern US. But that’s just based on the first result of a Google search.

Data in Shortcuts you share a link to is just something to be mindful of in general. As it is, many people have their professional e-mail addresses out in public anyway. I’m 100% sure mine could be found or deduced relatively easily based on the amount of cold contacts I get.

On the other hand. If you make any shortcuts with a personal address, contact number, etc. in, be sure to sanitise them prior to any sharing.