Converting text to sentence case

I am hand writing text in a notebook, using block capitals to make it legible, using my iPhone to pick up the text in the camera, and I want to then convert the block capitals into sentence case. I have had a good look through the actions directory, and also here on the forum, but I can’t find a way to modify text to sentence case? Am I missing something obvious?

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That sounds like something ChatGPT could do for you. Maybe try one of these actions?

I also made a ChatGPT action that adds punctuation to text. You’d just have to adapt the text of the prompt:

Thanks for getting back to me. I should have said that I’m using one of the chatGPT actions at the moment, but it takes a few steps to copy the text, invoke the action, and add the prompt. I just thought it might be easier if there was a straightforward text-modifying action.

You could easily modify the “Add Punctuation” example they posted above. It shows how to have a one-step action that has the prompt built into the action, so no need for fiddling.

That’s probably your best bet for accuracy. Sentence casing can be tricky. @sylumer’s TAD action groups have sentence case examples - but I don’t believe he’s broken them out as individually installable actions.

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Excellent. I’ll have a go. Thanks.

Sorted. Thanks again.


“Sorted” means you installed a TAD action? Or something else?

I modified the chatGPT prompt.

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