Converting a Javascript Draft to a template

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up a template for meetings. I’ve written a draft in Javascript, but I’m not sure what the next step is to convert it to a template that I can choose when creating a new draft at a later date.

I’m sure this is simple, but I’ve tried looking through the documentation, but can’t seem to find that simple step. Any help would be appreciated.


This example action might be helpful. It demonstrates a scripted action that creates a new draft using a template, and pre-assigned tags.

Great, that’s just what I need.

I can see how to get to the script to tweak it to my needs as well.


I notice that editor.focus() (used in that action), doesn’t feature in the API documentation of the Editor object.

Is it a synonym of one of the listed methods, or something a bit different ?

Perhaps another gap in the Editor API page is editor.find() ?

Updated the action to use editor.activate(). focus and find are both still supported but were deprecated during the beta cycle.

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Got it – thanks.

And the preferred alternative to .find() now ?

I’ve been keeping my templates in a separate workspace and then use an action to duplicate the draft. Just an alternative to doing templates with Javascript.