Convert Markdown to Drafts

I am a teacher who has come to love Drafts and Markdown this summer!

To avoid getting into an angry rant about my district’s technology choices and problems, suffice to say I would like to be able to type Markdown in Drafts and run an action on my Mac/iPad/iPhone and have that text get converted into HTML in a new draft (or even clipboard) which I can paste into district’s said technology.

I use the basic Markdown and the result of this action needs to be basic HTML.

I found this description for the Drafts user guide:

… ships with two configurable Markdown parsers to convert your Markdown text to HTML for previewing or output in actions and templates.

I am embarrassed to ask this question, but how do I find/use this parser?

The Markdown parser settings are under the app settings: Small cog at bottom of a draft with no keyboard shown, then select Markdown options.

It’s marked on the screenshot on this page:

Just select the default one you wish to use and configure the settings for it how you wish.

Most actions probably just call the user’s default processor, but do note that it is possible to build actions that use a specific processor and settings as specified within the action.

The Markdown action group which ships with the app has a Copy as HTML which does exactly that. If you do not have this action in your installation, you can install it from those links.

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I must have foolishly deleted these in the past, this made my day! Thank you very much!

If you’re really getting in to Markdown, consider getting a copy of Marked 2. It will create exports of any Markdown file, including those from Drafts, and will export customizable HTML as well as other formats like PDF. There are a number of free style sheets to customize your HTML, and you can define your own if, for example, you have to match a house style.

For the price of ~3 cups of coffee, I find it an indispensable part of my Markdown workflow. There is an action to preview a draft in Marked.

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