Command line interface for Drafts


Here’s my attempt at making a CLI for Drafts :slight_smile:

It is written in Go and currently supports:

  • Create draft (from argument or stdin)
  • Select draft via interactive search (using fzf)
  • Append/prepend to selected draft
  • Edit selected draft in $EDITOR

It’s not the smoothest user experience as each command essentially does a roundtrip to Drafts and back to the terminal. But it was a fun challenge to make it work. Some implementation details can be found in the GitHub readme for the curious.

I set up an installation process using Homebrew, which I’ve tested on an M1 Mac. Should work on Intel as well, but would be great if someone can confirm this.


Worked on my M1 work machine, will test on my Intel Mac later tonight.

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Works on my M2 pro.

Is it possible to run a Drafts action from the CLI?

No, might be easy to add though.

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