Command-click URL to open in browser without having to switch to links mode

I like Drafts - I use it on my Mac and iOS device, but I’m not a power user. One feature that I’d LOVE to have is the ability to command-click a URL to open it in the browser without having to switch to links mode. I could copy the link, but that requires wasted effort dragging the mouse to exactly select the URL. I could switch to links mode and then click, but that’s an extra step, plus now I have to switch out of links mode to continue working. I mention command-click b/c that’s what Intellij IDEA uses, which I find intuitive. This must be a FAQ, and I apologize if I missed it. Thanks!

Would this syntax suffice for your needs?

I had the same issue! Markdown + Links linked above worked great but was missing strikethrough support. I added this “feature” in this Syntax

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Thanks for the suggestions. I notice that the [[link_here]] syntax is automatically clickable. It would seem to be consistent that URLs would be treated similarly, esp. when in markdown.

That is what this alternate syntax does, feel free to make it your default if that is your preferred behavior.

It significantly negatively impacts a lot of basic editing functionality (cursor placement, selecting text, etc.) to have active links in the document so it is not the default behavior.

Does it have to be Cmd+Click? Because one could make a macro with some other hot key combo.