Collapsing drafts list?

The drafts list in the left sidebar is collapsing when I’m editing a note – and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t always done that.

I’ve probably just missed something completely obvious or I’m misremembering, but…can I get back to seeing the whole list of drafts in the Inbox while I’m editing one of those drafts?


I am aware of this issue, but only when running iPadOS 16.0, and only with Stage Manager enabled and an external keyboard connected. It was a system bug, which, to the best of my knowledge, was fixed in iPadOS 16.1.

Are you up to date?

Ah, so I’m not going crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yes, I’m on an iPad Pro 11 (2022) on 16.2 with SM enabled and a Magic Keyboard. Drafts is on latest update as well. So…not completely fixed…

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I came here to see if this was an issue or some setting I accidentally toggled. I’m on an iPad Air (5th generation) with external keyboard and stage manager enabled. I’m on iPadOS 16.2 and Drafts 35. Turning stage manager off and restarting Drafts fixes the issue.

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Weird. I’ve been testing here (iPadOS 16.2, latest Drafts) and can’t reproduce this issue any more.

Must still be some combination of options or previous system events that trigger it.

I know, at least, to make it happen in the past it required: Stage Manager active, Drafts list pinned, external keyboard connected. But that’s not doing it here any more.

Yep, I just tested it again and I’m not seeing that behavior now. I have no idea what changed. Thanks for looking into it and happy holidays.

If I turn off Stage Manager the bug goes away. But the collapsing returns when I re-enable Stage Manager…

Same here… Stage manager on leads to collapsing lists, Stage manager off ➔ everything is fine.

What version of iPadOS? Pretty sure Apple fixed this bug in 16.3.

It is 16.3, but I am installing 16.3.1 right now, maybe that fixes the bug…

Edit: nope… 16.3.1 and the bug is still there…