Collaboration included in Drafts

Drafts is so easy to learn; it would be great to have Collaboration utility built into the basic UI. Not the full Airtable commercial features, just the ability for folks on my social committee to access the same Drafts I keep in my Social Committee Workspace. Do not want them to have to collaborate in an integrated service.

Privileges: Edit - can overwrite all (with changelog showing update date and Editor identity – Comment - can add comments identified by user making comment and date.

All collaborators would need Apple devices of at least one kind, would need Drafts installed, and pay their $20 for Pro. So good for Drafts business plan, too.

Any PC version of Drafts in the works?


While the potential usefulness is understood, these are not likely features coming to Drafts, at least in the short term. Drafts is tightly tied to many Apple technologies, and not something that would be easily ported to Windows, and collaboration features are better suited to tools built from the ground up to focus on collaboration, usually with a server-side backend, which Drafts does not have and is out of the scope of our plans for the app (we don’t want to host your data).


Thanks. I understand reasons why. Thanks, too, for prompt complete response.