Clipboard to Drafts including Rich Text/Images?

The “New Draft with Clipboard” feature of Drafts is appealing - except it only works with text.

If I have a clipboard containing images and/or rich text, is there any Drafts action which would allow me to move the clipboard to drafts with the formatting and images retained in Markdown?

Drafts only accepts plain text from shares. You need something to transform it before that. Shortcuts should be able to do it on i*OS. I can’t recall if there’s something in Brett Terpstra’s Markdown services for Mac, but that would be the first place I’d check for something along those lines.

Do note however that images in rich text are just that. Markdown works with local and hosted images, so there’s a big disconnect there.


I can’t believe this is your first time here @rkaplan But, if it is, welcome! You’ll find many familiar “faces”.

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I have certainly been lurking for quite a while - I might not have posted.

Every so often I find some feature(s) of Drafts that I love - then my enthusiasm wanes when I realize how hard it is to use rich text or images in Drafts so I give up. Then the cycle repeats.

I guess I am hoping someone, somewhere figures out a solution so Drafts can support plain text and Markup but not exclude the rest. The integration with so many other apps is a terrific feature of Drafts; but I cannot imagine Notes without Images.

Discourse manages this combination of Markup and Images very well - maybe Drafts will do the same someday.

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An adapter that

  1. Splits the graphics out and saves them to eg iCloud or Dropbox
  2. Turns the rest, including pointers to said graphics, into Markdown

would be really nice. I guess that’s what a shortcut could do - on iOS. And maybe some AppleScript on Mac.