Clipboard or Drafts issue?

Not sure if this is a clipboard fail or a Drafts glitch, but I was cutting and pasting something out a draft and when I went to paste in another draft, the clipboard was empty. I tried to restore the draft to an earlier version, but the version count was 0. Other drafts I have checked are fine with their verions intact. This one should have several versions, as I have been regularly editing it. Thoughts? I kind of need the list that disappeared, but I can try and redo it from memory. Thanks.

Are you using multiple devices? If so, is it present on another device.

Sounds like it could be a sync/concurrent editing issue.

Yes, also on my phone. It is gone from there, as well.

Do you have auto backups set? If so, is it in that last backup?

I had it set to weekly backups, but have now changed it to daily. Thanks for the reminder. It has substantially changed since the last backup. Oh well. First glitch I have experienced in years of using Drafts, so not even entirely sure it wasn’t my fault. Thanks for your help.