Clearing the “Find” Text Field

Greetings, folks!

Every time I launch Drafts, and tap on the top-left icon to display the list of most-recent drafts, there is always an old search term in the “Find” text field.

If I clear it, the text field will remain empty until the next launch.

How can I clear that text field permanently? (Touching the “Done” button doesn’t solve the issue.)


Blessings, and thank you!

When you tap on the icon to display the last view (your recent Drafts), you should also see a three dot icon on the top right of the list.

Tapping that shows the list settings, including your default search query. Any chance that is the source of your recurring search text?

Thank you, Stephen!

I didn’t realize that I had saved a “Workspace” with that text in the field.