Clear tag field after selecting predicted tag options

I apologize if this was a feature I’ve enabled and forgotten about.

I don’t have too many tags with similar name and am willing to retype similarly worded tags.

What bugs me is typing in a tag as though I’m searching for it and have tapped on one of the suggestions, it still leaves my previews “query” in the new tag field, which I have to clear our before entering another tag name.

I understand and appreciate that this feature comes in handy in case you’ve tapped on the wrong predicted tag, but it happens so rarely.


I’d also love a setting to auto clear that tag search field after picking a tag. It’s just about the only thing about the new drafts that seems to be a bit less than well thought out as it really breaks the flow of getting things done having to back up and clear the field every time.


This behavior was change in release 5.3.