Claude integration

Drafts offers possibilities for interacting with the OpenAI API. It would be great if a similar integration were also available for Anthropic products (Claude).

Don’t forget that most of the web integrations are primarily for convenience. Drafts includes scripting functionality that allows you to interact with web API, so you can probably build out an integration now to get started - just as it was with Chat GPT and Drafts originally.

My personal take:
The chances are that there will be a plethora of GPT models and API surfacing this year, and I don’t envisage Greg having the time to add them all into Drafts as native integrations. But if there is popularity and demand for a particular service, that probably increases the chance of something being added, and the best way to start that demand off after logging the request (as you have done) would be to create something with what’s already available and encourage others onboard.

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