ChatGPT Conversation Action

Thank you so much. After forgetting the credential for ChatGPT conversation, everything is back.

Now I am enjoying in writing blogs use this action. It’s amazing.

Hi. I am getting a somewhat similar error 429 undefined. Any ideas?

The API error codes indicate you have used your quota with a 429 error code.

Exactly, I’ve also met this error before, which is why I added the api-base-url template tag. I created a Cloudflare worker as a proxy to the OpenAI API, and then set the URL of the work to api-base-url to bypass the rate limit of my IP address.

@reorx … YOU’VE DONE IT!!!

Thank you for the quick turnaround :rocket:

Didn’t realize the blank draft caused it, now it’s working like a charm!

This is HUGE!

PS: Thanks forever @agiletortoise for continuing to build my favourite app

This is fantastic, thank you so much for making this. Couple of things:

  1. I’m just going to ask. Does this submit the entire “conversation” delineated by the block tags each time? I’m assuming it does. Am I right that this is a direct call on ChatGPT and therefore a different beast than running a chat thread via the interface ie it’s not the equivalent of dumping all the text into the chat field there?

  2. Drafts is already so powerful, but because AI is so text-based, this app is so much more essential. Hope the devs exploit this.

Thanks again.

I installed the action but when I start it for the current draft, I see a green message after a few seconds that notes me ChatGPT conversation. Then the draft is gone.

Where can I found the response?

Yes. This action does submit the entire “conversation” delineated by the block tags each time, unless you set keep-context to a value other than false, which would make it only send the system message (if any) and the last user message. It’s not the equivalent of dumping all the text into the chat field.

This is not the expected outcome, the response message should be appended. Does this happens to you on every draft? Please take a look at what it shows in the Action Log.

This action have made it so easy to use ChatGPT on-the-fly, without needing to wait for the browser to load. It has saved my bacon many times when I needed quick information. Thank you so much.

Hope all is well. How to I add my api code into the script ?

Get from this URL OpenAI API

I have my api code. How or where do I put the api code into the script in the draft action script ? I have tried everything lol

Have you try running this action? The API key is defined as Credentials in Drafts, a dialog will pop up to let you enter it while running

Thank you for the response. I have tried running it and no dialog box pop up. I get an error code.

You may have entered an incorrect value in the past, in which case you will need to forget the related credentials and try again. Details in credentials docs.

Yes sir; all set. Thank you so much for the support.

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This is such an awesome action. Is there a quick way to copy the results to a clean draft to quickly share elsewhere without copying and pasting?

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I am also looking for the same. For now, using this action to extract the text to a new draft.

Spawning new drafts serves a different purpose. To ensure simplicity and stability, I will not introduce this feature in this action. But, copying the output is a common need that can make it easy to share content quickly.

To address this need, I have updated the action to copy the message content to the clipboard after a successful run. You can download the updated action and test it to see if it improves your experience.

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