Chat GPT 3 integration

I have downloaded the AI Tools that FlohGro posted, and they look great. But in order to use them you need an Open AI Account and API key. I have these, but I don’t have a subscription to Chat-GPT 4. Is there a way to modify these tools to use the free version, Chat-GPT 3?

What I want is to translate a draft from another language to English. Currently I am pasting sections of a PDF into the web Chat GPT 3, one section at a time. The translations are fine. I don’t need GPT 4. But it would be faster just to paste it all into a draft, and then have the Open AI integration chunk it up, send it to Chat GPT 3, and then past the translation into a new draft (or at the end of the current draft).

Does anyone know if that is possible?

I took a quick look at this, and it looks like it’s setup to default to using the gpt-3.5-turbo model, you shouldn’t need gpt-4 access.

Do you have your billing information set up with OpenAI? It’s inexpensive, but needed. The “free” usage is almost nothing with the API. Details on set up of your API information is in the integration guide:

These tools use the model gpt-3.5-turbo.
Nevertheless you need to create an API key and add it to draft when you first run an action of the tools.

Thanks! I’ve gotten it to work.

Revision. I’ve gotten Drafts to get a result from Chat GPT, but it soon stops translating and begins just summarising. This happened when I pasted things in manually as well.

I modified the action to say:

“Make a translation into English of exactly what this text says in its own language. Do not summarize it. Do not change its meaning.”

This seems to have fixed it.

Anyway, thanks for this. It will save me a LOT of time.

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Hi FlohGro. Is it possible to switch to gpt 4o turbo with what you’ve supplied?

I just updated the ActionGroup. It will use gpt-3-turbo by default but you can change the model now. Please update the action group (reinstall it from the directory and replace your original action group. If you built your own AI Tools, please move them out of the original action group.

If you want to e.g. use gpt-4o in your action, just add a new „Template Tag“ step to the action (attention: please move this step above the last „include action“ step)
Which looks like this: