Changing where the app opens

Is there a way to have drafts open to a specific workspace?

You could open it via the Workspace URL option.

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I will do some reading on that. Thanks!

The two main supported ways to open to a specific context are via widgets and via the long press menu on the app icon.

The grid widget can be configured with workspaces, which summarize the workspace status, and tapping on that item in the grid opens the app directly to that workspace. Grid widgets can also support actions, and if you put the Select Workspace action in a widget, it will launch the app to a prompt asking you select from any of your workspaces.

On iOS, the are options available when long pressing the app icon. Be default, these offer commands, but there is a setting in the app to change that to display workspaces, and those act as shortcuts to those workspaces. This is limited to displaying the first four workspaces you have configured, however.

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Okay thanks for the info!