Changing ICloud Accounts

So I use my personal cell phone for work but my iPad is issued through work. Therefore the iCloud accounts between devices is different. Is there a way to logout out of my work iCloud account on my iPad so I can log into my personal account on my iPad. As it stands my Drafts are not syncing across devices because of this.


Have you checked your work IT policy to ensure that is permitted? Usually you have a work iCloud account vs using a personal one for data/security reasons.

In the Very Very Big Corporation :slight_smile: we’re encouraged to use our personal iCloud accounts. (But not to use iCloud Drive, which is all very well…)

If you are asking if there is a way to use your personal iCloud account just for Drafts, no. iCloud login is at the OS level, so it would have to be logged in at that level and be the only iCloud account on that device.

And, as noted by others, iCloud Drive must be enabled. So before trying that, make sure your corporate device allows iCloud Drive.

Thank you all… I was able to just switch iCloud accounts on the iPad to reflect my personal account. Once I did this the devices were able to sync.