Changing Command Palette Shortcut Key to ⌘+p

Is there any way to change the default ⌘+⇧+p shortcut for the Command Palette to ⌘+⇧+p, as in Obsidian? This is the keyboard shortcut I’ve gotten used to, and it’s annoying me now that I keep hitting the Print command when I want the palette. I don’t need the Print command in Drafts at all.

I’ve tried changing the Print command to ⌘+⇧+p and the Command Palette to ⌘+p in the Mac settings, but it doesn’t work. Help! :slightly_frowning_face:

On Mac, you can reassign any main menu commands with keyboard shortcuts in System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts (see: How to Remap a Keyboard on a Mac)

It is not possible reassign menu commands on iOS, unfortunately.

I’ve tried the System Settings as below. The Print and Palette commands don’t change despite my reassignment.

You have to configure shortcuts with exact matches for the name of as it appears in the menu. Both of these menu items end with an ellipsis character, so that would need to be included. So, Command Palette… and Print…

Be sure to note this is actually a single ellipsis character, not three periods.


Aha! So that was it :man_facepalming:t4: thank you so much, Tortoise.