Changes to sync coming?

A while back I heard that there was a change coming to iCloud that meant apps could synchronise without requiring iCloud Drive. I was excited about this as my work-provided laptop has iCloud Drive disabled for “security reasons”.

I’m wondering if there is any plans to modify the way Drafts synchronises to work with this change? I feel like I’m missing an arm without Drafts on Mac!

In the iOS 17 and macOS 14 releases, Apple no longer requires iCloud Drive to be enabled for CloudKit connections to work in third party apps. No changes were necessary for Drafts sync to work in this scenario.

That said, whether it will work for you might depend on some other details, and there are a few caveats. Firstly, some devices with security policies don’t just stop you from enabling iCloud Drive, but actually block network traffic to iCloud. Clearly, if your company does this, you are out of luck.

Also, there are some Drafts features that work better or are enhanced by the availability of iCloud Drive (external templates, previews with image support, etc.). None are critical to Drafts operation, just good to be aware.