Change action bar seen on startup

I have an action bar that I would like present most of the time, a default bar if you like. However I have another action bar, that even if it was not selected when I quit Drafts, still appears above the keyboard (or at the bottom of the screen on the Mac) when I next open Drafts.

I cannot find a setting that makes this one action bar appear by default and stay there. Am I missing something?

The action bar should return to the last group you had loaded, even when relaunching the app. That is the behavior I am seeing. Not what you are?

No it’s not what I am seeing. I have been using the Markdown action bar ever since I installed Drafts in the early days. That has been my “default,” and so have not questioned behavior. I was creating my own, but every time that I open the app (on MacOS and iOS), the Markdown action bar is waiting for me.

I am running the latest version of Drafts and both OS’s.

The same happens for me with the action groups on the right hand side. Regardless of which group I last used, one specific group is waiting for me when I next open Drafts.

I deleted and reinstalled Drafts on iOS and MacOS, restarting both devices before reinstalling. Same behavior, if I quit Drafts, it goes back to the same action bar and group (the bar & group are different, back back to the “default” bar & group).

Could it be that a file has become corrupted somewhere?

So this is happening on both Mac and iOS? That’s super odd…as they both should be restoring those to the last used values - but do so through different mechanisms.

A possible exception that would overrule those restorations is if you have your Default Workspace configured to load specific action groups. If you open the “Manage Workspaces” screen, and look at the details on your “Default” workspace, does it have values assigned for loading action groups?

Well I thought that I had found every setting, but obviously not. I have been through all my Workspace settings, including my Default Workspace, and reset them back to no set action bar or group (some had values set, some didn’t and those I can’t remember setting them in the first place). Anyway, I reset them so that I start with a clean sheet.

I have now tested changing the action bar and group on all platforms, and Drafts now retains whatever the values whenever I leave or quit the app.

Thank you very much for your help with this.

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Glad it’s sorted.

Sorry for the confusion. It’s definitely not very obvious.

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