Case-sensitive tags?

To my surprise, the search function finds that no one has asked for it yet:

Would it be possible to make tags case sensitive? Tags in macOS and iOS/iPadOS are, and so a tag attached to a file in Drafts, such as “research”, is not the same as “Research” in the Finder or any other app that is using case-sensitive tags in accordance with the OS conventions. Although, of course, it is the same.

*nix file systems like that used by macOS are case sensitive by design (for paths) and I suspect that is why tags were also made like that. But note that Drafts is not using files, it uses a database, so an OS file convention is not implied by convention.

In many systems, the first few rules of using tags focus on standardising case use, and standardising singularity/plurality. Generally the recommendations come down to only use singular versions and only use lower case.

I would not be against case sensitive tags necessarily, but aligning to other tag systems aside, what would be the reason/be fit for wanting this? Would you really want to have two tags of the same name but with different case for some reason? What would be the reason, and how would you envisage this affecting other users?

Case-sensitive tags are not something that is going to come to Drafts. It’s a decision that was made early in the development process to normal tags into lowercase. While I’m certain there are use cases where it might be desirable to support case-sensitivity, they are far outweighed by the more common problem in such systems where unintentional duplicate tags are created.

Okay, understood. Thank you.

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