Capture to Drafts with LaunchBar

Some folks have been sharing tips for using Alfred with Drafts. Thought I would note for the fans of LaunchBar, like yours truly, that LaunchBar automatically recognizes Services.

Drafts for Mac registers a “Send to Drafts” service for text. If you trigger LaunchBar, start typing “Send to…” select the “Send to Drafts” service, it will prompt you for text, then when you hit enter again, it will capture that text in Drafts.


I am not seeing that service registered, even if I just select some text on screen and look at services, nor am I seeing “send to” as a LaunchBar option when I start typing, only send.

Thoughts or ideas?

Is there a way to search notes in Drafts with LaunchBar?

Is there a way to search notes in Drafts with LaunchBar?

I would love that too! I think that would make Drafts really powerful. I miss a feature like nvALT had, where you could switch between notes with a fuzzy finder – like search, but focused on switching rather than finding.

I also wanted to add that I’m able to add notes using LaunchBar by just searching for the app and pressing space – it opens a text field where I can type the text of a note. No need to look for a service.


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