Capitalized words in bullets

Hey guys! Strangely, in a bullet point list, Drafts will always capitalise ALL words starting from the second bullet (“All Words Capitalized Like Here”) whereas text shows normal behaviour in the first bullet.

In detail: If I open a new note, type a dash/ hyphen ("-") to start a bullet, type some text, press enter to get to the next bullet and then type text there, the text in the first bullet is normal (“Just like in this example”) and all words capitalized in the second bullet (“All Words Capitalized Like Here”). In normal paragraphs (without bullets), this does not happen.

Any ideas? It’s really annoying to change that for every word while typing :see_no_evil:.


Are you using GBoard? This is a GBoard-specific issue we have not been able to find a workaround for as of yet. It does not happen with the system keyboard.

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Yes I am! That’s too bad, so there is also no workaround? As GBoard is a time saver for me across all iOS Apps I will then unfortunately drop Drafts in favor of GBoard :frowning: