Can't use “Capture in Drafts” with Action Button on Watch Ultra


got my new Apple Watch Ultra today and I can’t figure out how to configure the action button to use the “Capture in Drafts” app shortcut introduced with 40.0.

I can run it in the Shortcut App on the watch, but I can’t select it for the action button, as there are only “real” shortcuts (aka scripts) to pick from.
I also can’t create a shortcut containing the app shortcut, because I can’t find it on the iPhone.

Am I missing something?


I just got an Ultra and was messing with this…I expected you would be able to select App Shortcuts provided by the app to assign to the Action Button – but that is not supported. Which seems like an oversight on Apple’s part, since you can select those for the new Action Button on iPhone 15.

You have to have an actual Shortcut created to wrap the functionality - which is going to require me to re-jigger the configuration of Shortcuts actions on the watch a little to work properly.

Expect the next update to make this possible.

That’s great to hear, thank you!