Can't seem to export as a markdown file

I have been trying and trying to figure out how to export a document in Drafts as a markdown file. Markdown is set as the default choice to write in. But I cannot export a markdown file ending in .md.

What am I doing wrong? It must be something simple and I have just gotten started with the program. But this is really eluding me.

Which platform are you having trouble on?

I would note that a Drafts document is Markdown.

The “Save to files as…” in the Basic action group works for me if I specify the full filename including extension.

But, the action below is equivalent to the “Save to Files” action in the standard Basic action group, except I have set it to save with an “md” rather than “text” file extension.

Hope that helps.

I think, actions, require the paid version, right?

If so, then maybe I need to go ahead and subscribe.

It is worth subscribing in my opinion, but no, actions are free to use and run. It is if you wish to create and edit them, that a subscription is required.

Even with the free version you can download and use the action I posted above. What you would not have been able to do is the modification I did to the original Save As action to make it work like this; unless you got a subscription.

That makes sense. Thank you. I did download and install it. And when I click on it, it still saves as a plain text file. Not in the .md extension.

But I can save it by renaming the name of the file removing the .txt and put .md. Then it seems just fine and maintains the formatting that I have created.

Should what I have downloaded from you also save with the .md
extension? Maybe I did something wrong.

It should be saving with the md extension.

If you follow the link and look at the filename specified on the page, you can see the “.md” at the end. The directiory pulled this directly from the action step. There is no “.txt” file extension anywhere in it.

When I tested it, I double checked the file extension carried through into the files app.

Are you sure you installed and then used the " Save to Files (Markdown)" action I created?

You are right. I was calling on the wrong action. This works perfectly.

Thanks for hanging with me here.