Can't Save to Dropbox


I have several 1 step actions that save a note to a specific folder in Dropbox and then archive the note. They have worked flawlessly since I got Drafts 5, but in the last few days none of them have worked at all. When I go into the Action Log for a note that I’ve run the action on the message says:

“The operation couldn’t be completed.
(OAuthSwiftError error -11)”

Is anyone else seeing this issue? Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong here? Or what I should try to fix it? I tried googling it and I can’t seem to find anything related to this particular issue out there. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


It is most likely expired/bad authentication. Maybe you did something at Dropbox that invalidated your token (like change password, or such).

Go to Settings > Credentials and “Forget” the Dropbox credentials - then try again. You’ll go through the re-authorization process and it will more than likely be fine after that.


I actually tried that (should have mentioned it in my first post), and it did not fix the issue. I just tried it again to double check and I am still getting the same error.


Is it specific to a certain draft? Possibly bad characters in the text causing errors.

Do actions to other folders and/or the default “Save to Dropbox” actions work? Possible it’s specific to the permissions on the specific folder or similar.


Figured it out. As expected, it was something really simple and dumb. I was trying to name the file based on the first line of the draft. But I didn’t have any returns in this particular draft. So it was trying to make a file with a 1200ish character name. I am assuming that is the problem because when I changed the first line to be a little shorter, it saved just fine. Thanks for the help!


Cool. Glad it’s sorted. I’ll review that case and try to get a more informative error message in there.