Can't get Notion Beta Integration working

Can’t get notion beta integration working. I have invited the drafts integration to my todo table but in the drafts app shows me an error, if I want to create items in my notion todo database. The Page ID for my notion table is correct and the notion integration works with other tools, like Papier.

Please help me.

NOTION: Error Domain=OAuthSwiftError Code=404 “” UserInfo={Response-Body={“object”:“error”,“status”:404,“code”:“object_not_found”,“message”:“Could not find page with ID: f60693f5-3a21-415c-88bc-72a855ad807a. Make sure the relevant pages and databases are shared with your integration.”

The action step only supports creating and appending to pages, not databases, at this time. It is possible to script working with databases. See documentation for details.

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