Can't figure out how to open the Markup formatting bar in IOS

I would like to get the Markup formatting bar to display in the IOS keyboard on my iPhone, but it doesn’t seem to be there. Could anyone give me advice as to where to find it or how to set it up?


See the screenshot below to clarify where I’ve been looking for it and what I’ve been seeing.

You’re in editing - Tap on bottom left, just next to undo, and change to markdown

Thanks, @Gadget,

That’s actually the problem, as I understand it at the moment.

The screenshot is of what I see when I tap the button to the left of the undo button. I have four things to select from: editing, tools, processing, actions-search, but no option to select markdown that I can see.

Do you see it when swipe right to left from right edge of screen? If missing - Go to Manage Group and see if markdown is deleted from list

You can install markdown group again


That was the solution.

Thanks for your patience with a newbie.

Each Action Group also has visibility settings for whether it is available as an option to select in the action list and/or action bar. If you had the Markdown group installed, but it was not selectable, it’s likely that setting got changed on the group.