Cannot scroll in draft on Mac, when Typewriter Scrolling is on (sometimes)

Typewriter scrolling sometimes locks the draft scrolling on Mac.

Here are some details

  • I will not be able to scroll in a previously created draft, that I have just opened (not typed in, or edited in this sitting)
  • It only happens sometimes
  • Once I type anything in the draft, the scrolling will unlock, and I will be able to browse the draft (but this means the draft has been edited and the draft’'s position will change in my list, even if I only wanted to browse the content)
  • If I disable Typewriter Scrolling, I will be able to scroll again(even if I re-enable it again right after)
  • It has happened on old and new Macbooks (one of them running the latest MacOS)

Is this to be expected? Is there an easier workaround for this? Am I accidentally causing this behaviour?
Many thanks

I know of an issue similar to what you describe that has been fixed in the current betas. It’s not specifically related to Typewriter Scrolling, however. I’ll do some more testing.

Is there any correlation between this issue occuring and opening drafts in new windows, by any chance?

I usually keep typewriter scrolling on at all times. Now I come to think of it, I’m not 100% sure it is caused by typewriter scrolling being on, but as mentioned in the thread, the issue does get resolved by turning typewriter scrolling off.

For new windows, I usually never open my drafts in a new window, so for me, the issue has happened when NOT opening as a new window.
Sorry if this was not quite an answer to your question

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